Top 5 Best Commercial Properties in Delhi NCR

best commercial properties in Delhi NCR

The real estate sector was unexpectedly challenged during the unpredictable outbreak of the global pandemic and finding the best commercial properties in Delhi NCR can be a bit difficult but on the other side, it also paved the way for advancement and better use of technology. The real estate sector in the Delhi NCR region has also started to recover and better adapt to all the challenges in every aspect. 

Many commercial projects are under development in India at present but Delhi is one of the fast-growing metropolitan cities which has turned into a commercial hub with rapid growth. Many of these commercial projects in Delhi are developed by renowned real estate developers. Delhi NCR region has common cities that are in great demand for office spaces such as Ghaziabad, Noida, and Gurugram which assures you a great return on investment. 

Factors to keep in mind while buying the desired property

If you want to buy the best commercial properties in Delhi NCR in a satisfactory area, you must look for these crucial factors that will help you not only buy the appropriate property but also will help you to grow professionally.

  • Green Revolution: When making an investment in commercial property and running a business for your financial growth you should consider green-housing projects that use leading-edge technology to secure finances on power costs and offer various health benefits. Every businessman should have this mentality to keep an environment-friendly atmosphere.
  •  Obtain Proper Professional Assistance: Seeking proper professional assistance is as important as buying commercial real estate property in Delhi. Correct guidance may result in your overall growth and development from a capable real estate consultant from a company like Silverdome realtors. They are experienced and possess great knowledge to get you the best office space in the perfect location in Delhi. They also take care of all the money-related and legal prospects of the situation.
  • The Reputation of the Developer: You should seek out a reputable builder if you want to purchase the quality best commercial properties in Delhi NCR. They assure you that the property is well equipped with all the amenities and is worth spending money on which further ensures that the property will be obtained without any difficulty to the buyer. For your assurance, get their prior successful dealing reviews as well. Have words with people they interacted with and Check out what reviews their consumers have about them.
  • Growth and Earning Criteria: If you want to purchase a commercial property like office space in Delhi, two major factors that strike your mind are looking for the growth factor and the other is that you’ll want to take a look at its growth and money spinner potential. You need to be aware of the properties that are still under development because it is always good to have a property that could pay you back some profits and help to enhance your professional as well as financial growth. 

Top 5 Best Commercial Properties in Delhi NCR

1. Eldeco Aamantran (Sector 119)

Delhi NCR’s real estate industry is redefined by developing and serving the best projects like Eldeco Aamantran. This project with the commitment to providing quality enrichment spaces for the present and desirable outcome for a better future ensures the development of an individual. 

It also strives to make it possible that customer positive satisfaction is of utmost importance which in the nutshell has value for money. The company is also comprehensive about customer services and their needs. 

Few reasons to look for this property:

  • A highly guarded facility with CCTV surveillance systems across every public space
  • Paved compound and a gated community
  • A lush green setting with three major parks in the area
  • Plenty of parking
  • A golf course is accessible in ten minutes by car
  • Within five minutes, there is a metro stop.
  • Hospitals, schools, and a shopping center are nearby. 

2. DLF Kings Court 

DLF is India’s fastest-growing residential development majorly in 3 segments Super Luxury, Luxury, and Premium. At Present the group has over 335 million sq. ft. of residential & commercial projects in future events in various parts of our country. The group’s continued growth over the last ten years in residential and best commercial properties in Delhi NCR is remarkable. 

DLF Group consists of a powerpack squad of proficient people, counselors, designers, and architects who design an incredible and unmatched infrastructure of the building to give efficient results on time. This real estate developer considers that an abode is where you feel all your comfort with a complete sense of safety. So, this is the reason that inspires you to choose your commercial development wisely and with proper security.

3. Trump Towers 

Trump is the world’s most luxurious superbrand in the market of the most dominating real estate developers. It is India’s first glass-enclosed temperature controller project. This project is spread over acres of land on the golf course extension road rich in all the amenities that make it worth visiting and buying. Top international brands are connected with this project to further makes it secure to purchase for your fast growth in society.

4. Signature Global (Sector 63 A)

Signature worldwide is Delhi NCR’s glowing actual property development organization, specializing in less expensive and mid-segment properties. Welcome to the Signature global Signum retail hub at region 63A in Gurugram. This property’s top vicinity and upscale lifestyle, high avenue retail hub gives an entirely new enjoy and possibilities. Shop owners will get hold of a very good return on investment, however, the nearby citizens, domestic shoppers, and shopaholics of Gurugram will enjoy a thrilling and indulgent shopping experience.

5. AIPL Joy Street (Sector 66)

AIPL Joy road (region 66)

India’s greatest actual property developer with multifaceted assets ranging from business and home to actual property residences. Make the investment in high-quality areas in top places throughout India. With a ready-to-circulate mission in sector-66, Gurgaon, AIPL joy street is the right funding for you. It gives investment options within your price range. AIPL Joy road is Gurgaon’s most proper commercial assignment, with asset options starting at Rs. 38. AIPL joy road sector-66 has stores and showrooms, offering the most visibility and excessive footfall. Additionally, this assignment gives a high nice grade A workplace area.


All the projects are a fantastic choice if you are interested in buying the best commercial properties in Delhi NCR. it’s the best place for a workspace to build on a professional front in Delhi at a reasonable price. These are very cost-effective since the developers spend maximum quality time and money to create a property with world-class strategies and features. With the help of Silverdome Realtor specialists, you simply have to get in touch with our experts in real estate properties to find a suitable office environment to meet all your needs and expectations.

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