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About SilverDome

Silverdome Realtors offers unmatched consulting services to help clients turn real estate challenges into long-term benefits. We provide expertise and strategic planning for smarter decisions, whether you’re a business owner, investor, lender, or corporate organization.

Specializing in buying and selling residential and commercial properties, including luxury condos, houses, shops, apartments, farmhouses, and land in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Dwarka Expressway, and Dubai.

With our dedicated team’s steadfast support, we continue to grow despite uncertainties. Customer satisfaction is our priority, driven by our passion for honest and timely service.


Mr Rishi Singh

Mr. Rishi Singh, the founder of Silverdome Realtors, is instrumental in the company’s expansion. He believes genuine and sincere service is more valuable than money alone. With unwavering commitment to quality, loyalty to clients, and a focus on discovering new opportunities, he has taken Silverdome to great heights. Mr. Singh’s trusting relationships with clients and investors, along with his impressive track record of selling over 8000 units in the real estate industry, inspires the entire team at Silverdome. His dedication to client happiness permeates the business.

Silverdome Realtors’ founder, Mr Rishi Singh

silverdome real estate property


Our goal is to establish everlasting relationships with our clients by becoming India’s most favored real estate company. We persistently work to create transparent, trust-based, cooperative partnerships that create long-lasting client connections. We are dedicated to upholding these values as we grow which have considerably benefited our business and clients throughout the years. We are determined to foster an environment of trust and openness while becoming the go-to resource for managing our clients’ long-term real estate assets.

silverdome real estate property


By creating a dynamic, optimistic, results-driven work atmosphere that prioritizes the investment in and growth of long-term relationships, we are committed to fulfilling our mission. Our goal is to always be our clients’ first option when making real estate decisions. To do this, our staff goes above and beyond to comprehend the needs of our clients and make these decisions straightforward.
We are dedicated to fostering a positive, energetic, and result-driven work environment, ensuring that our investors’ real estate investment journey go as smoothly as possible. The outcomes we provide to clients serve as our yardstick for success. Our ethics are based on our dedication to provide outstanding customer service fused with an entrepreneurial spirit of a rapidly expanding organization.

Silverdome Realtors Founder Mr Rishi Singh


When passion fuels ambitions, greatness becomes a reality. As I enter my fifteenth  year of business in India, it gives me immense pleasure to share my passion for real estate with the world. The year  2021 is particularly significant for Silverdome Realtors Pvt Ltd. We have accomplished some amazing things over the past years, including building Silverdome Realtors Pvt Ltd  as a name synonymous with top-notch product quality, unshakable dedication to clients, real effort, and openness. The dedication and perseverance that each employee of Silverdome Realtors Pvt Ltd puts into their work each day are reflected in our achievements. Silverdome Realtors Pvt Ltd  is in a good position to weather the COVID-19 pandemic while the Indian Government is pushing enterprises to become independent, the real estate market has only seen an upward growth especially in the years of the pandemic. With the consistent backing of our whole team, we are in a fantastic position as a company to write the next chapter of our growth story despite the current unpredictability. We are certain that we can navigate the current challenging economic factors and start down a road of increased growth in the upcoming years.

About The Director

Aakriti Bharadwaj Singh

Aakriti Bhardwaj Singh, Director of Silverdome Realtors, is a highly skilled professional with an MBA in Marketing and HR. Her expertise in marketing and operations has made significant contributions to the company’s success. Aakriti’s passion for her work is evident in how she leads the team towards a stronger market presence. Her understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior keeps the company ahead of the competition.

Director’s Message

As a leading firm in the real estate industry, our primary goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ real estate needs in both India and Dubai. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the market, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and exceptional results. At our core, we are committed to offering only the best projects and developers to our valued clients. We understand that buying or selling real estate can be a significant decision, which is why we strive to provide our clients with expert advice and guidance every step of the way.

Silverdome Realtors director Aakriti Bharadwaj Singh
awards and achievements
silverdome real estate property
Award by DLF to silverdome Realtors
silverdome real estate property
Award by DLF to silverdome Realtors


One Stop Solution

We will locate the ideal property in line with your needs and budget, whether you are searching for an apartment in Greater Noida, a house in Gurgaon, a Luxury farmhouse in New Delhi or even a condo or villa in Dubai. We cater to all your buying and selling requirements.

Distance Viewing

You can stay in the comfort of your home and view the finest houses in India and Dubai. We offer a special 360-degree viewing experience of the property. We hope to empower our customers and give our staff the ability to sell in various marketplaces.

Personalised Experience

Our goal is to give each of our customers a unique and healthy experience. We appreciate our relationships with our customers and strive to give them the best possible service. Our team goes above and beyond to negotiate the finest prices while keeping in mind the wants and demands of our clients.

Builder’s Choice

We work with some of the top real estate developers and constructors, Emaar, Damac and Sobha Duba, to mention a few. Our reputation and real estate experience makes us one of the top agents worldwide. We have established ourselves as a top broker in terms of sales and new marketing strategies resulting in numerous honours and accolades from some of the best developers of our nation. We continue to represent some of the most knowledgeable investors and buyers to uphold our unwavering reputation for integrity.

Post-sale management

The common misconception is that all legal requirements are satisfied once we purchase a house. This is not the case. Several formalities must be completed after purchasing a home. And if one has the skills to handle these issues that arise after the deal is closed, Silverdome Realtors will come to your aid by responding to all your questions and helping you with all the paperwork.

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silverdome real estate property

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